Vajreshwari: the Mother of Tansa Valley

Vajreshwari Temple, the oldest in the Tansa Valley, honours the Goddess Parvati. It sits on a steep hill about one and a half kilometres from the village of Ganeshpuri near Mandagni Mountain. Images of the three goddesses, Renuka Devi,  Kalika Devi and Vajreshwari Devi, the main deity, are worshipped.

Legend says that Vajreshwari is a holy village. The Goddess Parvati slew a demon near there and the great warrior, Parashurama performed a fire ceremony at Mandagni Mountain when it was an alive volcano. It is also said that Lord Ram stayed near there when he was in exile. This is easy to believe when you have tasted the nectar and shakti of Ganeshpuri and Vajreshwari. When Baba Muktananda was doing his sadhana with Bhagavan he stayed in a hut behind the temple for many years. 

I remember on my first visit to Ganeshpuri I could feel the ancient history. India is a country with thousands of years of civilisation that has penetrated the atmosphere. It feels ancient. Gurus, sages and saints have been born, lived and died in their devotion and wisdom for centuries. I don’t know of another country like India. And strangely enough She either embraces a visitor or spits them out. I was fortunate to have been embraced by Her and have received many blessings and teachings.

Swami Chitinanda

What follows is a share from Swami Chitinanda, a great devotee of the divine Mother, who visited the temple last year for the first time. From Tasmania, she runs meditation courses and she has published two books–one on her spiritual journey called Many Blessings and the other on meditation called Sacred Space. You can find her and her books at

I arrived by car at the back of the Vajreshwari temple. On the way I was seated in the front. I was feeling an unusual vibration of energy. I looked across at the driver and did a double-take. His face had become Bhagavan Nityananda’s who was now at the wheel of the car.

We walked into the temple and I began to tremble. I said to the person next to me, ‘Could you get behind me and give me a push please? I am too nervous to enter.’

She pushed me forward into the temple hall. When we all sat down and began to chant I felt vibrations of energy coming through the floor. As they increased I began to rock quite forcibly. I started to weep and could not control my sobbing, so I hid under my silk scarf with my head bowed. My partner asked if I was okay, but I couldn’t stop the shaking, nor control whatever was happening. The inner heat was like a sauna.

The mother energy felt like a primal force both comforting and incredibly powerful. It was all consuming. I prayed to the Goddess to hold me and accept me.

We got up to enter the inner temple where the deities stand. I was surrounded by Indian women. The priest gave me a bindi, a red dot at my third eye. It must have somehow smeared because as we came out Guruji subtly remarked on my red face.

What an extraordinary energy the temple has–power, Shakti, and primal Goddess life force. Did Ganeshpuri change me? Yes, it rearranged my DNA, I think.

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