Let us sing the praises of those who have set us free.
Let us share their blessings so generously given.
May weary souls find solace and be uplifted by these words.
May the divine Shakti flow freely from these pages.

IN THE TRADITION of the Gurus of the Siddha path I would like to greet you in the traditional way: sabko bare mane ke sat, prem se hrdik svagat, with great respect and love I welcome you all with all my heart. 

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Baba Muktananda

I acknowledge the great beings and Gurus of all traditions but especially my own, to whom I am eternally grateful. To Bhagawan Nityananda, Swami Muktananda, and my Guru, MM Swami Shankarananda. I offer these pages to your lotus feet. May your love and wisdom, Shakti and devotion bless and protect everyone.

These Gurus are renowned for their ability to give Shaktipat, the awakening or transmission of divine energy from Guru to seeker.

This awakening transforms a person’s life and sets them on the path of self-knowledge, self-realisation and meditation. Without this awakening meditation can be tedious, frustrating and dry. With awakening meditation is alive, fascinating, joyful, and satisfying. We learn to look upon everything that arises in the mind as the dynamic play of Consciousness. To have this understanding is the truest way of seeing things as they are.

This blog is a forum in which seekers sing the praises of their Guru and relate stories and experiences of awakening and sadhana. These great beings and sages have given us the greatest gift there is, Shaktipat and set us on the path of freedom from the pain of worldly life.

The teachings of the Siddha tradition can be summarised as follows:

Bhagawan Nityananda 
bhavana rakho: maintain the feeling.

Swami Muktananda 
See God in each other.

Swami Shankarananda 
First love yourself and then share your love with everyone.

As Swami Shankarananda has said, ‘The Guru is an opportunity. Let those who wish to drink from the well of Shakti come, and let those who do not wish to drink find another path’.

Bhagavan Nityananda Murti Ganeshpuri
Version 2
MM Swami Shankarananda

Satsang talks by Swamiji and the Learn To Meditate course are archived and can be downloaded On Demand at http://www.satsanglive.com.au

Dates for the next  Learn To Meditate course can be found on theashram.com.au but you can take the course online any time at: www.satsanglive.com.au

With love,
Devi Ma

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For more information on the Siddha Tradition you can visit www.nityanandatradition.org.

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