How To Meditate

Swamiji leading meditation at Satsang.

Meditation is as natural as sleep. It has the peace and rejuvenation of the deep sleep state, the vibrancy and consciousness of the waking state, and the colours and creativity of the dream state.

In order to reach a meditative state, most of us need to quiet the mind. One of the best techniques to calm a busy or agitated mind is to repeat a mantra. The mantra of our tradition is Om Namah Shivaya, which means ‘I call on the Self’ or, ‘I honor the Self’.

The mind is the most valuable means for understanding, learning and grasping the experience of meditation. If we lose the ability to discipline or control the mind, then we can lose everything–our job, our relationships and especially, our sense of well being. Yogis believe that meditation is the single most important asset a person can develop. A healthy mind thinks positive thoughts, or as Swamiji says, lives in the ‘clear space of good feeling’. Meditation is the doorway to that space.

The most potent way to awaken the meditative energy is to receive Shaktipat from a meditation master like Swamiji. Once your mind wakes up to your own inner power, shakti, meditation follows you wherever you go.

Another quick way to calm the mind is to listen to the audio of Swamiji speaking the mantra (see below). Listen for fifteen minutes and your mind will begin to calm down. With practice you will meditate without difficulty and you will experience the nectar of the connection with the Self.

This practice is called japa, repetition of a mantra. Japa directs the mind toward uplifting words that are alive with the power of the Self. Do not worry if your mind wanders. Gently return it to the sound of the mantra. This mantra can bring your mind to stillness. Listen with the intention to uplift your mind.

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