The following was submitted by a devotee.

I’m in India, Ganeshpuri sitting on the Guru’s floor. The cool of the floor meets my old knees. A soft cloth is in one hand, I am gently washing his floor. My other hand supports my body – the floor is being cleaned. I feel present, with the cloth, the hand and the Shakti. What a delight. So much Shakti.

Two devotees walk around beating their chests like bouncers in a night club. I can’t work out what’s happening, I  feel incredible bliss.


My roommate and I are sick. We are drunk with Shakti. Baba talks about this, but I don’t know what it means.

So much sweat and sleep! The doctor comes and gives us medicine. We feel the cool and quiet of Mandagni, Fire Mountain. My tearing thoughts knock but I sleep, they knock again. I cry. I’m missing the Guru and satsang, but hold on.

A couple of days and nights of calm bathes us in Fire Mountain’s restorative love and our bodies are ready. Mother Shakti takes us, her children back to the Guru’s feet for more.

It’s been huge, something is gonna blow.


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