For the sake of humanity Baba Muktananda picked this prayer as part of the sacred Guru Gita text, which was chanted every morning in Ashrams around the world. It now seems so apropos considering the suffering happening around the world.

May the wicked become good; may the good obtain peace; 
may the peaceful be free from bondage.
May the free set others free.
Blessings upon the people of this world; 
may the rulers be just and wise. 
May good be the lot of animals, and the holy sages. 
May all people be happy.

May it rain at the right time; 
May the earth always be bountiful. 
May all countries be free from strife.
May everyone worship without persecution.

May blessings fall on our mother and father; 
May all be happy and heathy. 
May our vision see only auspicious sights; 
may everyone banish the pain of sorrow.

May everyone overcome all their difficulties;  
may everyone's dreams and hopes come true. 
May everyone everywhere be glad.

May all endeavours flourish and be an aid to knowledge; 
 long may we see the sun.